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FEATURES  Personal Development Interview Techniques Career Counseling Communication Skill Personal Hygiene and grooming Industrial Visit First  Aid Life Skill Business Skill Emergency Response:- Fire, Natural Disaster Such as earth quake International diploma for economical value Endorsed  course , Certified By- Scottish Qualification Authority, Scotland , UK   Kathmandu Institute Of Hospitality Management Three in one Certificate Skill


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This course provides instructions to the students in hotel operations, food and beverage management and hospitality administration. Through the use of lecture, fieldwork, case studies and practical applications students will gain insight into management and operations in the dynamic field. This course also helps students to gain experience in accounting, cost control, marketing and business

Study in Australia

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WHY AUSTRALIA Australia is a fully developed, growing, economy, tolerant and multicultural society. It has a reputation for an innovative and research intensive culture with new technologies at a faster rate than most other countries. Student will find studying in Australia a relaxed welcoming and engaging environment that is unique in the native English speaking

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